About Me

I talk a lot. I don’t always think enough. I read a lot but not as much as I’d like. The same goes for writing.
I’m Lorna, I’m 27 at the time of writing, though I’m sure I’ll forget to update this page for a long time. Most of what I post will be about my activities in the RMT Union or my take on what’s happening around me.
In the RMT, I’m a Branch Secretary, a health & safety rep, regional training officer and sit on the Young Member and the LGBT advisory committees. I do too much, but it doesn’t feel like enough.
I’m a member of The Green Party and I’m standing for election, just so that’s out there, but I won’t hold it against you if your beliefs lie elsewhere, as long as you afford me the same respect.
When I grow up, I’m going to be a brilliant writer.



2 Responses to About Me

  1. Daniel says:

    I agree with anyone’s right to strike but when I hear you preaching the poor mouth about £26k per year you frankly disgust me.
    Police, army, nurses and many other professions face far more hardship than you for far less reward.
    I don’t see them holding a gun to Londons head and I’m glad they don’t. I have lost all respect for underground staff because of the rmts bully boy tactics and because of your lack of respect for the people who use London Underground.
    You may point the finger of blame at boris Johnson but its you and your colleagues that ordinary Londoners are blaming. Pot, kettle comes to mind.

    Bring on the changes.

    • lornatooley says:

      Evidentially you read 1+2 and came out with 4. I didn’t call them poor. I have never said that. I know that others have it much worse, but why would any working person begrudge another their benefits or pay? Surely the aim should be for everyone to be on a decent wage and with decent conditions, rather than racing to the bottom.
      I confidently point the finger of blame at Boris Johnson as he is hell bent on destroying the lives of working people in London, whilst hiding behind this cloak of austerity. London is not in recession. There are alternatives to cuts. Wake up!

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